I will be making two new performances, ” To Begin” and ” Set me on my High Places” at Thomas Young Gallery as part of a month long performance, Better than the Alternative

To Begin:
May 7, 2016   19:00pm -22:00pm

” To Begin” investigates social transformation through repetition and labour.  Time in this work does not exist. the outward absurdity of hints at the futility of mechanized and receptive labour, while also exploring whether meaning can be made simply through a commitment to repetition. It examines how the collapse of power structures shift social dynamics, and how this inevitable collapse influences our daily existence and create new beginning.

Set me on my High Spaces:
May 14, 2016  12:00pm-16:00pm

“Set me on My High Places” explores relationship between humans and animals, suffering and loss through symbolic and metaphoric gestures. While humans are regarded as the cultural animals, animals are often seen as another kind of people: the other, the animal other. This work expresses longing for re-connection from both humans and animals, striving to find a harmonious relationship through an animistic worldview. It reflects on our colonial roots of the wildlife and nature, questioning how wildlife and nature have been through from a symbol of a divine power in ancient time to a commodity for sale in nowadays. Through retracing our culture’s engagements with animals, I hope to expand horizons in order to better understand our roots and consequences of marginalizing our animals and nature.

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