Rice Performance Series – It is a Way of Being

Performance: 5 hours at Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Asian Art
and 4 hours at Pacific Cinematheque, Vancouver, 2010 


Chun Hua Catherine Dong sits on a bamboo mat and picks rice one after one as a meditation, it is infinite task

Chun Hua Catherine Dong meditates her rice for hours, reflecting her own ideology about race

Chun Hua Catherine Dong screens out small rice and picks up rice that doesn't fit our political system

Chun Hua Catherine Dong repeats selecting rice over and over again in her performance

I sit on a bamboo matt and demonstrate a process of selecting rice: I lift a sieve and gently shake it to screen out the smaller rice, and then I put the sieve on the matt and pick out the imperfections. the gestures of shaking the sieve and picking the rice are repeated hours.

Since 2010, I have created a series of performances that uses rice to address issues related diaspora and displacement. “ It is a Way of being” is the first piece of this series. This performance examines relationships between where I live, what I have lost, and what I have gained as a Chinese living in the rapidly changing western society. For other pieces about this series, please see links below

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Photo courtesy of the artist