Moving Beyond the Frame, by Madeline Zappala
Visual Poetics of Embodied Shame-Chun Hua Catherine Dong
, by Hannah Doucet
Feeling in the Dark: The Challenge of Perceiving Chun Hua Catherine Dong’s Visual Poetics of Embodied Shame, by Jenna Swift
Constructing the Diaspora: To Visually Embody Shame and “Chineseness,” by Victoria Sung
To Rebel is Justified-Performing a Bridge Between Reality and Fiction, by Milly Alexandra Dery
Husbands and Wives, by Rhonda Meier
The Death of Performance Art! , by T. Nikki Cesare Schotzko. it’s published as part of book Canadian Performance Histories and Historiographies by Heather Davis-Fisch


Artist Feature with Chun Hua Catherine Dong, by Performance is Alive
Translation, by lo Bil
mujeres chinas (董春华 Chun Hua Catherine Dong), by Elizabeth Rose
Silent Hunter, by Golboo Amani


Come Home, by Anik Glaude, 2017
On Chun Hua Catherine Dong’s To Begin, by Jessa Gillespie, Dec 27,2016
The Power of Portraiture: This artist is exploring shame through her own image , by Sara Atnikov, CBC Arts, Nov 22, 2016
The Arrival ,by Michelle Lacombe and Jessica Karuhanga
Talking through What is Lost: A Post-Performance Rumination
, by Rae Langes
Seeing Double – Award-winning artist’s multimedia self-portrait conveys her ideas in pairs, by Regina Haggo
Talking through What is Lost: A Post-Performance Rumination, by Rae Langes
Hourglass Figure, by Cindy Baker
#极简艺术评论#姿势:意义的产生, 消失与开启,by Yan Zhou


Utsanga, 2016
Journaldemontreal, 2016
Hourglass (2010-2013), Chun Hua Catherine Dong, by Marina Abramovic Institute, 2015
Canadian Art, 2015
INCIDENT Magazine, 2015
Chinese Canadian Arist – Performing Yellow Umbrella with Silence, by The Stand News, 2015
华人女艺术家在纽约演出:邀请大家往她向上泼墨洒米, by 石香菇, 美国中文电视频道 ( English Channel, Sinovision), 2015
Akimbo, 2015
rcaaq, 2015
Out-standing Artifacts, by Wanda. O’Connor, Rover Art, 2014
Performance Artist Chun Hua Catherine Dong Lanches Granville Island Arts Protest, by Miranda Nelson, The Georgia Straight, 2010